Swapperbox Docs

Learn how to read the system signals

  • Brief guide on NFT value assessment

    Analysis Fundamental

    NFTs are trending, everyone's talking about them, but what do people really know about the technology behind them? Are we really aware of what we're buying? Or are we just chasing fomo?

  • Backtest Performance

    Analysis Technical

    Swapperbox algorithm is backtested against historical price data. We use the backtest to provide a forecast of the future performance and as the axiom to justify the trades.

  • Understanding Bot Signals

    Usage Telegram

    This guide is meant to explain the Bot system’s signals and indicators. As any correct trading system, we need to have certain indicators with which to measure the performance of the trades; let’s find them out!

  • Full Disclaimer

    Usage Disclaimer

    This website and all information contained on it are only intended for educational and entertainment purposes and not to provide financial advice. Swapperbox is not a service to provide legal or financial advice, any information presented here is only an author’s private opinion (and not advice or financial advice in any meaning, also in the meaning of any act, regulation or law of any country) and should not be used for financial activities. Swapperbox does not offer, operate or supply any financial, brokerage, trading or investment services and is not a financial advisor. Rather, Swapperbox is an education site and platform for sharing information about Trading. Where information, whether explicit or implied, about profits or income is provided, it does not represent a guarantee. No trading method or system is guaranteed to create profits, therefore always remember that trading can result in a loss. All responsibility for trades, whether they result in profits or losses, is yours and you must agree not to hold Swapperbox or any other suppliers of information responsible in anyway whatsoever. Using the system means that the user accepts the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.