The following table shows a summary of all the historical trades made by the Swapperbox℠ Public channel with references to the signal links.

Start Date Latest Update USD ROI1 BTC ROI1
5/1/2021 2/9/2023 10.71% 143.91%
mm/dd/YYYY Signal Symbol Trigger Price Link to Signal Algorithm
2/9/2023 BUY BTCBUSD 17266.63 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
9/25/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 18808.64 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
9/9/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 21272.38 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
8/17/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 23791.89 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
7/24/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 22848.77 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
6/12/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 27607.79 Telegram Signal B88A1BC
5/31/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 32033.82 Telegram Signal F7F745F
5/20/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 29120.39 Telegram Signal F7F745F
5/17/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 30371.45 Telegram Signal F7F745F
5/3/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 37725.64 Telegram Signal F7F745F
4/28/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 39744.52 Telegram Signal F7F745F
4/6/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 45290.01 Telegram Signal F7F745F
3/17/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 40939.36 Telegram Signal F7F745F
3/5/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 39164.72 Telegram Signal F7F745F
1/29/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 37844.08 Telegram Signal F7F745F
1/18/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 41598.1 Telegram Signal F7F745F
1/11/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 42740.0 Telegram Signal F7F745F
1/6/2022 SELL BTCBUSD 42942.03 Telegram Signal F7F745F
1/2/2022 BUY BTCBUSD 47348.38 Telegram Signal F7F745F
12/16/2021 SELL BTCBUSD 48605.06 Telegram Signal F7F745F
12/7/2021 BUY BTCBUSD 51781.83 Telegram Signal F7F745F
11/13/2021 SELL BTCBUSD 64389.0 Telegram Signal F7F745F
11/8/2021 BUY BTCBUSD 66410.37 Telegram Signal F7F745F
11/1/2021 SELL BTCBUSD 60939.91 Telegram Signal F7F745F
10/5/2021 BUY BTCBUSD 49812.79 Telegram Signal F7F745F
9/19/2021 SELL BTCUSDT 47646.72 Telegram Signal N/A
7/3/2021 BUY BTCUSDT 34669.13 Telegram Signal N/A
6/18/2021 SELL BTCUSDT 37715.03 Telegram Signal N/A
6/2/2021 BUY BTCUSDT 38040.7 Telegram Signal N/A
  1. ROI is calculated based on the table data and does not contemplate the current position results. We present ROI in both BTC and USD terms, ROI in BTC is based on the latest BUY signal whereas ROI in USD is based on the latest SELL signal.

How To Audit the Signals

Truthful trading signals are those easy to audit, in order to be truthful, we provide this brief guide on how to audit the signals.

Auditing is easy, you just have to verify that the signals really happened when we said they happened, and they really executed at the price we say it executed.

You can verify this using the following information:

  • Visit the Link to Signal to see the full signal.
  • Verify that the signal exists and it’s not edited.
  • Check that the signal matches the description: Symbol, Price and Date.
  • Check the Date and the Time of the full signal.

Once you have the Date and the Time of the full signal, you can compare it to the spot price of the Symbol for the given Date and Time.

In order to do so, you can search the actual price for the given timestamp in any independent, historical price data broker, such as Yahoo Finance or CoinMarketCap, and verify if the given Trigger Price, is close to the real price.

Notice: The Trigger Price won’t exactly match the historical price, but it should’t be more than ±0.5% off the charts.

Finally, you can verify if the signals weren’t cherry picked, just check if you can find signals in between, that were not listed on the trade history.

Some signals have been backed up in the Twitter Channel and can be double checked in two independent platforms.

Notice: Not all signals will have the BUY or SELL warning on them, but you can know there was a signal because of the change in the Position of the signal.