Swapperbox FAQ's

How does the Swapperbox Bot works?
Swapperbox is an automated trading system with no human intervention. You can learn how to follow the signals referring to our docs page.
If the signals are that good, why giving them for free?
We believe in a free market. If you happen to make money with the signals, please consider supporting us via the donate page. 🚀 Thank you!
How much time does it take to profit?
Profit from trading is a slow process and it could take from months to years, trading requires both patience and timing.
Can I lose money following the signals?
Yes, trading cryptocurrencies involves a risk of loss. You shouldn't invest any money you're not willing to lose. Please refer to the full disclaimer page.
Where can I trade Crypto?
You can trade on Binance, Coinbase or any other cryptocurrency exchange. You can use our Binance referral link to get discounts.
How can I get in touch with Swapperbox?
You can write us to contact@swapperbox.com We'll be glad to help you!