Algorithm upgrades are usually uneventful, but there are two key indicators to bear in consideration during an upgrade, that could indicate us to change our position.

What is an algorithm upgrade?

We constantly upgrade Swapperbox systems to enhance performance, correct bugs or just adapt it to changing macro trends. The ML system usually finds innovative trading strategies we want to use, and in consequence we upgrade the algorithm.

What to pay attention to in an algorithm upgrade situation?

Position indicator

If the position indicator changes during an algorithm upgrade, there will be no buy/sell signal. This event is extremely rare, but it could happen. If that’s the case, update your position to the position directly below the alert. The alert works like a signal in this case.

TriggerPrice indicator

The most likely scenario, is the triggerPrice update, this is just informative, and it will indicate that the new algorithm took the position at a different price than the previous algorithm.

Symbol indicator

Sometimes the Symbol indicator can change, the most likely scenario is that we switch stablecoins to match the most regulated and secure coins available.