In the following post we are going to explore how to audit Swapperbox signals in a simple way by comparing the signal data with the historical price data of Bitcoin.

Swapperbox is auditable

Swapperbox is auditable. We keep all the historical records of the trading signals since the public channel launch on 2021 Apr 2 at 13:00. Telegram and Twitter adds immutable, tampering resistant timestamps to every status update and every trading signal.

How to verify old signals integrity

Verifying old signals integrity is quite simple, you can just take any signal and verify the data with the historical price data. Let’s take the following signal as an example:

As you can see, the exemplary signal here has a timestamp given by Telegram, which states the signal came out on Apr 18 at 05:00 UTC. The timestamp is tampering resistant, any edition to the message would mark it as edited, you can verify this with the Telegram API documentation.

The signal is a BUY signal, and it says the trigger price was 56180.34, now we can proceed to verify this with any historical data provider.

We look at the historical price data and check the Bitcoin price on Apr 18 at 05:00 UTC, as we can see it is approximately 56180.34. Notice we say approximately because price is not a static property, the price on the signal might slightly differ from the actual price since prices are in real time.

This process can be made for each signal and status update, to check that the prices shown are correctly bounded. It’s a difficult task, but you can do it. We think that’s a fundamental advantage of Swapperbox. It’s possible to automate all of this by using the Telegram API a TradingView account, and some Python code.